About Us

The Candy Drawer Confectionary is a small, woman-owned confectionary business. My family has been crucial to our success. I couldn’t have made it this far without all of them! My youngest daughter, Becca, started as my business partner. She now participates in Product Development as her busy life as a Mom allows. My middle daughter Mary is our Graphic Designer, my eldest daughter Sarah helps with Marketing, and my husband Steve keeps the books. Read this nice blog post by Jennifer The Beholder:


Our product line features handcrafted caramels, chocolate BonBons, British & American fudges, chocolate bark, granola, plus special order goodies. Some of our confections are very adventurous, definitely not mainstream. We cater dessert tables, and provide corporate gift boxes and custom boxes for year round gift giving. Need something special? Let us know and we’ll work with you to create it.

What are we most proud of? The quality and variety of our products, our commitment to using eco-friendly packaging, and our history of giving back to the community. Product-wise, I am also very proud of our Dark & Milk Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow BonBon, our version of See’s Scotchmallow, my very favorite See’s confection. The Candy Drawer Confectionary continues to flourish as a well-recognized, well-loved source for quality confections and baked goods for all occasions as well as everyday enjoyment. The perfect gift.

Personal Story

I worked as a hospital and OB/GYN doctor’s office nurse before being a stay-at-home mom to my 3 daughters for 10 glorious years. When the girls’ dad and I divorced, I reinvented myself to provide my share of their support. Combining my nursing background and love of motherhood, I became a contractor for a Reston, Virginia-based Doula agency as a Postpartum Doula, becoming the agency’s first Birth Doula a year later. After 2 years, I formed my own Doula service, Labors Of Love, Inc. For nearly 18 years, I served hundreds of women & their growing families, retiring in 2010.

There was a void in my life after such a rewarding career. In trying to redefine Maura again, I asked myself, “What do I love nearly as much as Mommas? Candy!” As a California girl weaned on See’s Candy, my sweet tooth is well developed. My retirement gave me the opportunity to again embrace the mantra, “Do what you love.” I enjoyed cooking for my family and included the girls, especially when I baked. And they loved it, too!

The idea to turn these skills into a business arose during the holidays of 2011. We prepared a magazine cover-worthy dessert table on Thanksgiving. We then sent our own goodies to friends and family as holiday gifts. Many recipients said, “You ought to sell this stuff!” We named our company The Candy Drawer Confectionary after the old-fashioned glass front drawers filled with candy in my renovated farmhouse-style kitchen.