Yesterday M shared with me her birthday chocolates which arrived just in the nick of time.
While they were all very good the Bon bons with marshmallow were extraordinary.  It is a good thing you do not list calories on the labels :-).
Fresh custom chocolates are the wave of the future - in fact Mars just bought England’s Hotel Chocolat in hopes of going global with premium chocolate - alas, they did not realize that they have you for competition.
All the best,



"I can’t say enough great things about this business! They go over and beyond amazing customer service! My daughter had to be in the Reston area for business and missed being at home on her birthday. I called Candy Drawer Confectionary from out of state and Maura helped me choose a variety of candies my daughter would enjoy. It was delivered to my daughter in a beautiful package! The package contained everything I asked for and she even added a free few extras! My daughter said it was the most delicious candy she had ever tasted! Thanks again for helping make my daughter’s birthday special!" Lori
"I bid on, and won, a basket of your candies in the **High School silent auction and I'm so pleased I did. Your candy is amazing. I'll be recommending you to everyone! Thank you!"                    Susan

"We cannot thank you enough for sending us such an amazing box of confections! Every piece was out of this world!" - Marianne

"I took some of the caramels you left behind after your last class with us (at the Community Business Partnership in Springfield VA) to The Virginia Ren Faire with me last weekend & since I am stuck in a booth there where I can't always leave, they were a life saver! So, I figure I *Need* more!" - Shannon

"We enjoyed the Scottish & English fudges & they certainly rivaled the Scottish Butter fudges we've tried here in the UK. I think they should be on the shelves at Harrod's!" - Laura

"Wow! Thank you so much for sending those treats me way. I put them out for the office to enjoy before I tasted them myself. Once I had one, I wished I'd decided not to share. I'm not a big candy eater, but I think I could eat those every day. I hope Carolyn enjoys them as much as I did. Thanks again." - Nancy

"I totally agree. I am not a big sweet eater myself but as son as I had the caramels, I put them in Susan's office so I wouldn't gobble them all up! Thanks for sending them along!" - Carolyn

"This is the best candy I've ever eaten! With most candy all you taste is the sugar (and cheap sugar, at that.) But all the wonderful flavors in your candies are distinct. You taste the pecan, pistachio, espresso, cranberry or whatever else is in the candy and they are all so unique and delicious. Fantastically enjoyable!" -Signe                                                                                                                                                                                 

"I didn't think I'd like the caramels with Black Salt on them. But after I tried them, I couldn't stop eating them!" - Kathy

"Excellent product. More than enjoyed it, we all devoured it and knocked each other down to get a piece."
(Smoked Salt Pecan "Hoss" Caramels)
- Mary

"Mmmmmm! Awesome Brownies! Thanks!"
- Greg

"The last box contained some salted caramel taffy or something delicious. How do I get more of those (paid of course!)" (Smoked Salt "Hoss" Caramels)
- John (Fundraiser Raffle Winner)

"I peeked into the bag of goodies you dropped by — everything looks so yummy! Thank you for the extras you threw in — I know everybody will love the bounty you’ve created.  We’ll be putting these out for our Christmas Eve dessert (for 18 people) alongside our as-yet-to-be-made cutout cookies and other confections. Wishing you much happiness over these holidays.Thank you for your confections and your friendship!" - Roberta